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Fat grafting is a minimally invasive procedure that extracts fat with liposuction before processing it. Dr. Engineer reinjects your purified fat to enhance your lips, breasts, butt, and more for a curvier and youthful silhouette.

What is fat grafting?

Also known as fat transfer or fat injections, fat grafting removes excess fat cells from a donor site for a slimming effect. The fat cells are injected elsewhere to reshape and augment the target area. Fat grafting is an excellent method for full-body sculpting in one procedure.

How does fat grafting work?

During fat grafting, liposuction removes fat from a donor area. The fat is then processed to separate debris, excess fluid, and dead cells from the usable fat cells. Discarded fat cells are unlikely to survive in the graft and can even create problems for the good cells.

In the final step of fat grafting, the fat is reinjected in tiny droplets throughout the recipient site's tissue. This ensures a good blood supply to every fat droplet so that the fat graft can survive.

Fat grafting can last an hour to more than four hours, depending on how much fat is transferred. While lip fat transfer takes approximately one hour, breast fat transfer can last between three and four.

Where can fat grafting be used?

Dr. Engineer can remove excess fat from nearly any area. The most common donor sites for fat grafting include the following:

  • Stomach
  • Hips
  • Thighs

Similarly, he can inject the fat into nearly any area, including:

  • Below the eye
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Lips
  • The cheeks
  • The breasts for fat graft breast augmentation
  • Hips
  • Butt

Dr. Engineer was amazing to work with and I couldn’t be happier with my results. He took the time to answer questions thoroughly before and after my procedure. Would highly recommend this practice.

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What are the fat grafting benefits?

Fat grafting adds natural-looking volume to different body parts while slimming others, creating a more youthful and shapely appearance.

Some of the benefits of fat grafting in Las Vegas include:

  • Create the appearance of higher cheekbones
  • Enhance your waist-hip ratio to create an hourglass shape
  • Fill in deep facial wrinkles
  • Increase the size of your buttocks
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles on your hands
  • Reduce the appearance of facial scars
  • Improve facial skin texture 
  • Augment breasts for up to two cup sizes
  • Correct breast asymmetry
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Am I a good candidate for fat grafting?

It is important to note that fat grafting isn’t a weight-loss procedure; as such, you won’t see a drastic transformation in the donor area. Fat transfer aims to remove enough fat cells to plump up the desired location while offering mild slimming effects to the liposuction site.

You’re likely a good candidate for fat grafting in Las Vegas if you:

  • Are close to your ideal weight
  • Are in good general health
  • Don’t smoke or can quit smoking
  • Have sufficient body fat to transfer, especially for enhancing a larger area like the hips or butt

Fat grafting recovery and results

Recovery mainly depends on the location and quantity of the fat transfer. While fat grafting with liposuction is a safe body sculpting method, you may experience mild side effects, such as swelling.

Most clients can resume their regular activities approximately one week after fat grafting. Dr. Engineer will ensure you receive the following to aid in your recovery:

  • Prescriptions for pain medications
  • A detailed aftercare plan
  • The proper compression garments to help reduce swelling

When performed by an esteemed plastic surgeon like Dr. Engineer, fat transfer effectively gives your body naturally youthful contours. These permanent results are immediately visible and progress for the next six months as the injected fat cells develop a new blood supply.

However, not all fat cells survive the procedure, so you may not achieve the desired volume in one session. The size of the treated area and your desired results determine the number of fat grafting surgeries necessary.

Why choose Engineered Aesthetics for fat grafting in Las Vegas?

With more than ten years of training and extensive surgical experience, Dr. Engineer has helped numerous patients improve their quality of life and self-esteem through fat grafting in Las Vegas. His attention to detail, compassion and dedication have made him among the area's most sought-after authorities on body sculpting.

We welcome you to join us for a personal consultation to review your ideal shape and contour goals and discover your best options for efficiently and effectively attaining them. With Dr. Engineer and the Engineered Aesthetics Plastic Surgery team by your side, a leaner, more proportional silhouette is well within your reach.

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