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Newtox? Yes, please.

Botox is no longer the only FDA-approved injectable treatment for frown lines. It’s time to welcome the latest new addition to our injectables menu: Jeuveau. It is also called Newtox as a catchy title. 

What is Jeuveau?

Jeuveau is a new and exciting treatment option for anyone who is looking to free themselves from the annoying and unpleasant problem of dynamic wrinkles on the face. During your personal consultation, Dr. Engineer will help you make decisions about the best possible ways to achieve your anti-aging intentions. 

You can rely upon Dr. Engineer and the entire team at Engineered Aesthetics Plastic Surgery to ensure that the best and newest treatments will be easily available to you. A less wrinkled and younger-looking appearance is now possible: you may be able to “relax” wrinkles away with Jeuveau in Las Vegas.

Newtox Las Vegas

What Jeauveau can do

Glabellar lines, often called frown lines or "the elevens", may form between the eyebrows due to the repetitive expressions made by the face daily. Jeuveau injections help temporarily ease the appearance of these and other dynamic wrinkles on the face.

Jeuveau is the only neurotoxin injectable developed expressly for cosmetic treatment. It is manufactured using a process known as Hi-Pure, which is intended to produce the safest possible results.

In many ways, Jeuveau is very similar to Botox. It also works by immobilizing or relaxing the muscles of the injected area, allowing the treatment to make wrinkles seem to “disappear,” for months at a time.

It is important to note that Jeuveau’s effects are temporary, and regular, repeated injections are necessary to maintain excellent results. As you continue to get Jeuveau injections, you may also observe the slowing or stalling of the continued formation of new dynamic wrinkles, as the muscles at the injected site will move less.

Why choose Engineered Aesthetics Plastic Surgery as your Jeuveau provider?

Choosing a fully licensed and fellowship-trained plastic surgeon as your Las Vegas Jeuveau provider may help to give you the best possible chance of experiencing improved, consistent results. In working to help you decrease the appearance of dynamic wrinkles, Dr. Engineer will use the full weight of his ten years of training and surgical experience to calculate your ideal Juveau dosage and injection schedule.

Jeuveau Las Vegas

When you become a patient of Dr. Engineer, you are gaining a compassionate and knowledgeable physician in reaching for and attaining your aesthetic aims. Aging is inevitable, but Dr. Engineer may be able to help you slow down its visible progress. Las Vegas area patients have many options when searching for a Jeuveau provider, however, Engineered Aesthetics Plastic Surgery hopes to be more than a provider—we aim to create an experience that allows our patients to become a part of our family. 

You can rely on Engineered Aesthetics Plastic Surgery and Dr. Engineer to continuously provide one of the best possible and most advanced procedures as your needs and goals shift and change with time. Schedule your comprehensive consultation to begin your journey toward a more youthful appearing, less-wrinkled future with Las Vegas Newtox Jeuveau.

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