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When your breast implants are not what you want them to be or are causing some type of problem, breast revision can be performed to change the size and shape of the implants or replace your existing implants with new ones due to functional problems with the prior implants.
Breast revision can also be performed to remove implants completely or to change your breast augmentation to enhancement by fat transfer. Whatever your concerns and needs are, Dr. Engineer can revise your breast augmentation to achieve the beautiful, feminine breasts you desire.

What is breast revision surgery?

Breast implant revision surgery is a procedure that removes implants from the breasts that have malfunctioned or no longer meet the personal aesthetic of the patient. 

During breast revision surgery, the original implants are usually replaced with new implants of a different type, size, shape, and/or projection. In some cases, women no longer want to have implants at all, but would still like to augment their breasts, Dr. Engineer provides fat transfer breast augmentation in that instance. If the breasts are sagging, Dr. Engineer may also perform a breast lift to raise and shape the breasts, whether implants or fat transfer is desired.

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Ideal candidates for breast implant revision

Women who are experiencing unhappiness with the appearance of or are having functional concerns with their breast implants are candidates for breast implant revision. Ideal candidates meet the following requirements:

  • Are generally in good health
  • Do not smoke
  • Are not suffering from serious medical conditions
  • Have realistic expectations for what breast implant revision surgery can achieve
  • Would like an aesthetic change of their breast implants
  • Are experiencing implant malfunctions such as rupture, hardening, or breast pain

Reasons for breast implant revision

Change in aesthetic preference

You will be able to select your ideal implants to replace your current implants. Choices may include a bigger or smaller breast size, a different breast shape, such as teardrop, different breast texture or consistency, or a different method of implant placement. 

Desire for alternative augmentation type

Instead of using implants to augment breast size, women can opt for fat transfer breast augmentation for a more natural look and feel, and a less significant size increase.

Implant concerns

Various functional concerns may arise with breast implants:
Breast pain or hardening
Breast Implant Illness (BII) 
Implant folding or rupture 
Silicone leakage
Capsular contracture (tissue hardening or tightening around the implants)
Implant shifts (due to weight fluctuation or pregnancy)
Implant asymmetry

Breast revision procedure

Breast revision can be performed in a variety of ways, depending on your needs and personal goals for your breasts. 

Breast implant removal with replacement implants or fat transfer augmentation

The incisions will be made in the same place that the original incisions were made. Once the original implants are removed, new implants of your choosing are inserted, and the incisions are closed.

Breast implant removal with fat transfer breast augmentation

Women who would like to achieve a more natural breast augmentation that increases the breasts by a cup size or two may choose fat transfer. During this procedure, excess fat in an area with excess fat tissue is removed with gentle liposuction. The harvested fat tissue is cleansed carefully. These healthy, purified cells are then injected into your breasts to achieve breast enhancement, symmetry, and shape.

Breast implant removal by capsulectomy

Capsular contracture is the hardening of the capsule, which is the tissue that your body forms around the breast implants. If this tissue becomes infected, a capsulectomy is performed to remove it. The incision is made at the bottom of the breast, then upward to the areola. Using this incision, the implant and the capsule are separated from the surrounding tissue and removed together. 

Breast implant revision with breast lift

For patients with sagging breasts, once the breast implants are removed, with the same incisions, a breast lift can be performed to shape and lift the breasts, raising them to a higher, more youthful position on the chest wall. Your nipples will be repositioned to tilt upward attractively.

Recovery after breast revision

For some women, the recovery period after breast revision is easier than the original breast implant surgery. Have a friend or family member to drive you home and help you after your procedure. 

Expect swelling and bruising during the first two weeks. You will wear a compression bra to help reduce the swelling, which will begin to subside after several days or a week. It’s important to get plenty of rest during your recovery period. Sleep on your back or side to protect your breasts as they heal, and avoid lifting anything over five pounds.

Women may return to work once within about a week, once they feel comfortable with sedentary work or light activity. Wait for 4-6 weeks before you exercise again. Once the swelling fades, you may feel fully recovered. However, your breasts are still healing and settling into their final position over the next several months.

Why choose Engineered Aesthetics for my breast implant revision surgery?

At Engineered Aesthetics, you are welcomed to a comfortable environment where you can expect the highest standard of care and results. Dr. Engineer is a compassionate, accredited and fellowship-trained plastic surgeon in Las Vegas who is dedicated to the needs and desires of his patients who require breast revision surgery. His superior results and outstanding expertise are the reason he is a trusted plastic surgeon with a reputation for excellence.

Dr. Engingeer - Plastic Surgeon in Las Vegas

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