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Every woman’s labia is different, but overly long or uneven labia can cause many problems. Apart from a feeling of self-consciousness, extended or uneven labia can twist or pinch causing pain during intercourse, exercise, and other normal activities. There was a time, not so long ago, that women simply suffered through it, but we no longer live in such a world.

No woman need suffer needlessly from this unfortunate circumstance. Labiaplasty in Las Vegas with Dr. Engineer is a relatively non-invasive procedure that improves the look and feel of the labia. Many Las Vegas area patients find that after a minimal recovery time, their quality of life and confidence are remarkably improved.

During your private consultation at Engineered Aesthetics, Dr. Engineer will review your needs with compassion. In every case, his greatest goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction with your results.

How labiaplasty is performed

Most commonly, labiaplasty consists of simple trimming of the inner labia, or labia minora. Both inner labia may be shortened or one side only, depending upon your unique needs. This trimming technique can be used to shorten the inner labia, to remove the darker, lowest hanging portion of the inner labia, or to even out uneven labia. If a more substantial change in shape is desired, Dr. Engineer may perform a wedge procedure. When using this surgical technique, the surgeon makes a v-shaped incision to remove a “wedge” of tissue from both sides of the inner labia before stitches are applied.

Labiaplasty Las Vegas

This technique can help ensure a smooth transition from the clitoral hood to the rest of the labia. No matter the specifics of your labiaplasty, the skill and care of an experienced plastic surgeon is an absolute necessity.

 An excellent aesthetic sense is vitally important, and maintaining critical sensation and function is equally crucial. Dr. Engineer’s years of successful surgical practice and abundance of training make him an ideal choice for patients seeking labiaplasty in Las Vegas.

Recovery from labiaplasty

The main recovery period after labiaplasty usually lasts one week or less, and normal activities and intercourse may be resumed after approximately four to six weeks. You will likely be instructed to ice the area after surgery, but prescribed pain medication should not be necessary.

Dr. Engineer and his staff will ensure you understand and feel comfortable with all aftercare requirements and remain available for questions and support as you recover. Some amount of swelling may persist for up to six months. After that point, your full, beautiful results should be apparent, along with total cessation of painful twisting and tugging of the labia minora.

Labiaplasty Las Vegas

Choosing a plastic surgeon

If you are considering labiaplasty in Las vegas, you deserve the utmost sensitivity and care during every step of your journey. Dr. Engineer and the entire staff at Engineered Aesthetics pride themselves on making each patient’s experience warm and welcoming and, of course, delivering remarkable results.

Patients in the Las Vegas area are encouraged to bring their questions, concerns and goals to their comprehensive consultation so that Dr. Engineer can help them discover the best possible surgical plan for their unique needs.

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