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Tuberous breasts are classified as a developmental issue. They appear narrow at the bottom, have large areolas, droop, and can be asymmetrical. While it is not dangerous in any way to have tuberous breasts, many women feel self-conscious about how they look and desire a cosmetic intervention.

Dr. Engineer has extensive experience in performing all types of breast surgeries, including those to reshape tuberous breasts. His meticulously precise and detailed approach is coupled with genuine compassion and kindness, making him among the most approachable and sought-after cosmetic surgeons in the Las Vegas area and beyond.

What are tuberous breasts?

Tuberous breasts typically become noticeable early in a woman’s development. The base of the breast is constricted, which inhibits growth and creates an elongated, cone-like shape with large areolas. While the underlying causes and occurrence rates of tuberous breasts are unknown, medical authorities estimate that up to 50% of women undergoing breast augmentation suffer from some degree of the condition.

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What is tuberous breast surgery?

Dr. Engineer will create a personalized treatment plan that addresses the size, shape, and projection of the breasts. He will typically use implants to augment the breasts, repairing any abnormalities such as asymmetry or enlarged areolae. In all cases, Dr. Engineer will focus on creating elegant, natural-looking breast mounds that are well-suited to your figure and that optimize your wardrobe choices going forward.

Tuberous breast surgery can address the following:

  • Breasts with an elongated, tubular shape
  • Sagging, drooping breasts
  • Breast asymmetry
  • Protruding, enlarged areolas
  • An unusually large space between the breasts
  • Lack of sufficient glandular tissue
  • Overly small breasts
  • Breasts that sit too high on the chest wall
  • A lack of a breast crease
  • Downward-pointing nipples

What are some common techniques used to treat tuberous breasts?

Fat Grafting

This technique uses liposuction to harvest fat cells from a donor region, such as the hips, thighs, or belly. The fat is then purified and sterilized before it is injected into the chest to provide organic-looking augmentation.

Breast Unrolling

Here, Dr. Engineer makes an incision at the nipple or the breast crease to help lengthen the distance between the nipple and the inframammary fold. The breast tissue behind the nipple can be unfurled to help create a more conventional-looking breast mound.

Breast Augmentation

The breasts can be enhanced using implants – silicone, saline, or gummy bear. Dr. Engineer may need to create a new breast crease and address asymmetry by combining mastopexy with breast augmentation.

Tissue Expansion

Tissue expansion is usually reserved for cases where the patient desires a much larger cup size but is starting with very small breasts and tight skin. A tissue expander works to gradually increase the breast tissue until it can safely be exchanged for an implant some months later.

What are the benefits of tuberous breast correction surgery?

  • Helps correct breast asymmetry
  • Improves the sizes, shape, and projection of the breasts
  • Enhances self-confidence and self-image
  • Expands wardrobe options
  • Creates a more traditionally feminine and youthful appearance

Who is a good candidate for tuberous breast correction?

If you are bothered by the appearance of tuberous, asymmetrical breasts with enlarged areolae or if your breasts have drooped since the time of development, you will be pleased to know that cosmetic surgery can help reshape and revitalize your chest. Dr. Engineer expects that patients will be non-smokers of sound mind and body who are realistic and positive in their outlook for their results, based on a confidential consultation with the doctor in Las Vegas.

What happens during recovery?

Recovery times will be based on the precise techniques used to reshape the breasts. In general, patients can expect several weeks of downtime in order to heal and rest. Exercise and heavy lifting will be limited for about 4 weeks, but most can return to work after 10-14 days. Dr. Engineer will provide you with a detailed aftercare plan that goes over wound care, bathing and showering, sleeping, and when you can return to more demanding physical activities. He will also ensure you receive the appropriate pain medications and antibiotics.

Why choose Dr. Engineer?

Dr. Engineer has over a decade of postgraduate training in the fields of plastic, general, and hand surgery, as well as 10 years in private practice. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS). Dr. Engineer’s skill, artistry, and technical acumen are wisely balanced with a compassionate desire to connect with each client on a human level, ensuring elegant, natural-looking results are coupled with a seamless and stress-free treatment process.

Dr. Engineer received his Doctorate of Medicine at Vanderbilt University and followed up with a demanding General Surgery residency at Southern Illinois University in Springfield, Illinois. He then pursued a prestigious Fellowship in Hand and Microvascular Surgery with the Division of Plastic Surgery at Southern Illinois University. He was awarded by Vitals.com with the Compassionate Doctor Certification (2014, 2016, 2017, 2018), an honor granted to physicians who go above and beyond to treat patients with kindness. Previously, he received the Top Doctor of Southern Nevada Award from Vegas, Inc. HealthCare Quarterly Magazine.

Dr. Engingeer - Plastic Surgeon in Las Vegas

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