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An implant rupture can be an unpleasant event. Depending upon the type of implant, the rupture may cause your implant to deflate, undoing the positive effects of your breast augmentation. At Engineered Aesthetics Plastic Surgery, Dr. Engineer and his team can help you rectify this situation quickly, effectively, and with the utmost compassion.

Causes of implant rupture

Implants may rupture for several reasons. In many cases, the implant has simply lived the course of its life, which is generally, but not definitively, 10 years. Rupture can also occur due to trauma in the area. In addition, they may be damaged during other medical procedures. Fortunately, implant ruptures do not present significant health risks, but they will of course affect the aesthetic appearance.

Implant rupture treatment options

During your comprehensive consultation, Dr. Engineer will take the time to fully understand your needs and goals regarding the shape, tone, and feel of your breasts. Normally, even if only one implant is leaking, both may need to be replaced. 

During implant removal and replacement, it may also be necessary to remove scar tissue that has built up. In most cases, your implants may be replaced during the same surgery and you may decide to further augment or reduce the size of your implants at this time. 

Why choose Dr. Engineer to treat ruptured implants?

Removing your implants surgically does have risks and it is vitally important to select a fully licensed fellowship-trained plastic surgeon with extensive experience to do this work for you.

Dr. Engineer has many years of experience and 10 years of training, both of which may be of great benefit to you. Dr. Engineer will take the time to fully explain your options and the potential risks and benefits of your procedure. He and the team at Engineered Aesthetics Plastic Surgery seek to welcome every one of their Las Vegas area patients as family.

In Dr. Engineer, you will gain a physician who genuinely cares and will go the extra mile to ensure your results are just as wonderful as anticipated.

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