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Give your confidence a leg up with a thigh lift in Las Vegas.

Sagging, drooping skin and fat on the thighs can cause lowered self-esteem. Whether sagging occurs due to aging or due to extreme weight loss, the result of disproportionate thighs can cause a person to look heavier than they are. While diet and exercise may do much to improve the look of the thighs, even fit people may still struggle with excess fat and skin.

For patients grappling with this difficult problem, Dr. Engineer and the team at Engineered Aesthetics Plastic Surgery may be able to offer a highly effective and lasting solution: thighplasty in Las Vegas. The level of care, dedication, and expertise we are able to offer every patient makes a big difference.

Dr. Engineer is pleased to call upon the full extent of his many years of training and experience as he creates the best, safest, and most appropriate surgical plan for your unique goals. Las Vegas area patients interested in thigh lift surgery may get the facts and discover customized solutions with Dr. Engineer.

Types of thigh lifts

The goal of every thigh lift is to create a more proportional, smooth, and appropriately contoured appearance of the thighs. Depending upon your specific goals, Dr. Engineer may decide with you to perform one of several types of thigh lift in Las Vegas.

Thigh Lift Las Vegas - Dr. Nitin Engineer
  • Inner thigh lift: an inner thigh lift both lifts and tightens the skin of the upper inner thighs and may be an effective way to attain the much sought after “thigh gap.”
  • Outer thigh lift: if your primary goal is to remove excess sagging skin and fat from the outer thighs, this may be accomplished by your surgeon during an outer thigh lift.
  • Vertical thighplasty: during a vertical thighplasty, your surgeon removes excess skin and fat and creates a smoother contour of the entire inner thigh.

What to expect from a thigh lift

A thigh lift is not a long-term weight loss solution. While liposuction may be performed along with a thigh lift to remove excess pockets of fat and further shape and contour the area, best results will be seen by those already maintaining a healthy weight.

Depending upon your specific needs, some combination of thighplasty techniques may be performed, or you may undergo additional liposuction to complement the results.

Your final contour and shape results will not be visible until after your full recovery, however your leaner physique in the targeted area may be immediately apparent. The primary goal of your Las Vegas thigh lift is to attain smoother, more proportional, and better shaped thighs, improving the look of the whole lower body.

Why choose Dr. Nitin Engineer for a thigh lift?

As with all surgical procedures, thigh lifts have risks. Some of these risks are medical, including those arising from undergoing anesthesia, and others are aesthetic, for instance, scarring and soft tissue irregularity. To better protect yourself against all of these risks, choosing a fully licensed, fellowship-trained plastic surgeon is of the utmost importance.

Thigh Lift Las Vegas - Dr. Nitin Engineer

For patients seeking a thigh lift in Las Vegas, there is a new and reputable choice for your surgery: Dr. Engineer and the team at Engineered Aesthetics Plastic Surgery. From the moment you call to schedule your comprehensive consultation, through your operation and recovery, and beyond, the entire team at Engineered Aesthetics Plastic Surgery will seek to be a supportive and knowledgeable partner as you reach to achieve your body goals.

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