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The world’s most popular injectable

Botox is the world’s most popular injectable cosmetic treatment, and most people are aware of its wrinkle-reduction capabilities. In fact, Botox is so ubiquitous that its name is used as a synonym for all neuromodulators—the specific type of injectables that reduce wrinkle appearance through muscle relaxation. Botox is the most popular FDA-approved injection for dynamic wrinkles, including crow’s feet, forehead lines, and frown lines.

If you want to eliminate fine lines and facial wrinkles, Botox treatments at Engineered Aesthetics are for you.

Benefits of Botox?

  • Nonsurgical treatment
  • Negligible risk of complications
  • Minimal side effects, such as mild swelling and redness
  • No downtime
  • Reduces facial fine lines and wrinkles
  • Makes skin appear smooth and taut
  • Improves confidence

 What is Botox?

Botox is a neurotoxin composed of botulinum toxin type A, popularity used to reduce the appearance of dynamic wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles, like crow’s feet and forehead lines, appear because of extensive muscle contractions around the eyes. You get crow’s feet when you squint or laugh, frown lines occur between your eyebrows when you concentrate, and forehead lines appear when you raise your eyebrows. 

Botox blocks communication between specifically targeted nerve endings and the targeted facial muscles responsible for dynamic wrinkles, leading to temporary muscle relaxation and paralysis. That’s how Botox reduces the appearance of facial fine lines and wrinkles.

What does Botox treat?

  • Frown Lines or Glabella Lines: These are the vertical lines that appear between your eyebrows when you concentrate or frown
  • Crow’s Feet or Laugh Lines: These are the deep creases or fine lines that appear around your eyes when you smile, squint, or laugh
  • Forehead Lines: These are the horizontal lines that spread across your forehead in deep folds when you raise your eyebrows
  • Cobblestones: These are the crinkly skin creases on the chin
  • Medical Uses: Besides cosmetic treatments, Botox is often used for medical purposes to treat excessive sweating, urinary incontinence, eye twitching, chronic migraine, etc
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 What are the risks of Botox?

Risks are uncommon with Botox treatments, however, some patients do experience the following symptoms: discomfort, swelling, bruising, redness, headache, droopy eyelid, crooked smile, excessive tearing, or eye dryness.

 Mitigating these risks greatly is possible by only ever allowing a highly trained and very experienced injector to do your Botox treatments. Millions of people around the world receive Botox injections often and benefit from them greatly. 

How to prepare for Botox?

You don’t have to do much to prepare for your Botox injections. During your consultation, one of our expert aesthetician injectors will examine your skin and discuss your cosmetic goals to determine if you’re a suitable candidate. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t consume alcohol for 24 hours before the procedure because alcohol is a blood thinner that increases your risk of bruising. You should also avoid nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for 2 weeks before treatments.

What happens during the Botox procedure?

The Botox procedure concludes within a few minutes, depending on the number of injections necessary. Your injector will create a treatment map that marks out all the injections spots to meet your aesthetic goals. Next, she will deliver highly-calibrated Botox injections into the strategically-targeted neuromuscular tissues.

What happens after the Botox procedure?

You can resume most of your daily activities immediately after getting Botox injections, but you must follow your doctor’s recovery guidelines. You may experience some swelling, bruising, and redness around the injection sites for approximately three days. You should apply a cold compress for 20 minutes an hour after the injections, take the prescribed painkillers, and avoid strenuous activities for about 6 hours. Aside from those precautions, you can resume most daily activities.

 Botox results

  • You can expect to see the results of Botox within a week
  • You will notice considerably smoother skin due to muscle restrictions in specific facial regions.
  • These results will fade away once your body metabolizes the botulinum toxin, which should take 3 to 6 months
  • You will benefit from regular maintenance injections to retain your results for longer periods
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